Weight loss with Keto diet

Weight loss issue is all about loosing some extra weight in order to be in perfect shape. But, there is a bit difference in loosing weight, because loosing fats is not the same as loosing muscles. Both of these will change the situation on scale, but the goal is to loose fatty deposits on particular spots on the body, not to lose weight at all costs. When you think about it, it is certain that fats are the thing you want to get rid off. Ketopia is the key for healthy weight loss, but it requires some time and strict nutrition. It is not the point to get psychical satisfaction by the number that scale shows, it is far more important to achieve good shape in a healthy way and become pleased with the results both psychologically and physically.

The target of keto diet is to enforce the body to use its fats as the energy source for daily functioning. Sounds great, isn’t it? But, it must be complicated!? Or not? Of course not. Only thing you need to do is to reduce the input of carbonhydrates into your body. When your body gain carbonhydrates from your food, there is no need to use your fat as the source of it. So, special nutrition plan is needed to achieve the results and start ketosis process in your body.

It might seem as the nutrition plan for those who want to gain weight, but don’t be sceptic – the goal of good nutrition is not to be hungry but to get all your body needs, except carbohydrates, which will be provided by your fats, and your body will gladly use it and melt it down. There are several recipes for keto diet, and one of the most famous you can find further in this article.
9ca3be_banner_proteinas_ganhar_musculoThe important thing is that you really don’t need to find extraordinary groceries, like milk from Galapagos turtle etc. Perhaps, all you need is nothing but all those oridinary groceries that you usually take for your meals. But, a number of meals and quantity of it is the important part of keto diet. Ketopia is surely the way of getting rid of that fat that botheres many people in modern days.

So, we promised one recipe for keto nutrition diet, and here it is:

Monday to Friday – you need to have more meals that usual ( 5-6), and when you see which are those meals made of, you will be surprised:
1. 2 eggs, 6 glairs, a palm of walnuts, almonds or hazelnuts, some vitamins and minerals
2. 250g of red meat, some vegetables, 3-4 pills of Omega3 codliver oil or palm of walnuts, almonds or hazelnuts
3. 250g of red meat, some vegetables, 4 pills of Omega3 codliver oil or palm of walnuts, almonds or hazelnuts
4. 250g of white meat, vegetables, 4 pills of Omega3 codliver oil
5. 250g of white meat, vegetables and 50g of hazelnuts
6. If you are hungry, you can take 2 boiled eggs

Saturday and Sunday – these are the days for carbonhydrates, and that is the main thing in keto diet:
1. 4 eggs, 5 glairs, 4 pills of Omega3 codliver oil, vitamins and minerals
2. 200g of meat, 75g of rice, vegetables
3. 200g of white meat, 75g of rice, vegetables
4. 200g of meat, 6 pills of Omega3 codliver oil
5. 200g of white meat, 75g of rice, 50g of walnuts
6. If you fell hungry, take two boiled eggs

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